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Assist RX
Corporate Office
Orlando, FL

The Assist RX space was redesigned to focus on zones with the most user activity, as well as the high traffic paths between them. The goal was to create a circulation pattern that would provide familiarity and mobilization of work zones.

To accomplish this, unique finish materials were carefully implemented to establish a seamless flow of activity that nudges the user’s movement toward their end destination. Additionally, the architectural elements add a vibrant youthfulness that transcends the typical workplace atmosphere.

Visitors and employees enter the space centrally, where they’re greeted by a lively aesthetic, enhanced by the flow of light and sound from the employee hubs flanking the entry. As users move to either side of the entry, they encounter the open office areas—production services to one side and administration services to the other. Natural light complements the use of color and texture in the room, improves visual clarity, and nurtures creativity. The bold hues (complementary to the Assist Rx colors), sleek polished concrete, and rawness of the maple wood planks reflect the spirit of the group who uses the space to work, play, and create.

The main design challenge for this project was the budget. By exercising creative restraint, the project was completed with a net zero transition from the current office to a branded and dynamic space to call their own.

Rethinking the Corporate Environment

Assist RX

Project Partners

  • Ingenuity Engineers
  • AD Owens Construction