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NBC Golf Channel
Hi-tech Collaboration
Orlando, FL

The Golf Channel headquarters, located in Orlando, FL, exhibit a progressive design and an ownership group that is looking toward the future. The Walker Design team was engaged to craft the new employee engagement area, affectionately named “The Workshop.”
At project inception, we met with a task force of end users to determine design drivers. They all stated a common theme:

Look toward the future—the future of collaborative office environments, and the future of the Golf Channel.

With this statement in mind, a secondary design goal was to create a divergent aesthetic from the current office while maintaining a cohesive environment.

After much collaboration between Golf Channel, the design team, and consultants, we delivered a branded visualization package that hit all of the aesthetic and programmatic goals Golf Channel had envisioned for their unique space.

The Workshop had multiple functional requirements—the primary being flexibility. It needed to be able to host employee onboarding, town hall meetings, formal presentations, video conferencing, and act as an informal gathering space for employees needing a break from the customary office environment. To accomplish this diversity of functions, the space has fully integrated audio/visual technology, integrated writable surfaces for informal gatherings, multiple movable seating options, the capacity to house 150 occupants, an “onboarding bar” for new employee orientation, and integrated podium seating.
The space has proven to be an asset to the Golf Channel campus and successfully looks to the future.

Embracing Workplace Amenities

NBC Golf Channel

Project Partners

  • Peninsula Engineering, Inc.
  • Premier Structural Engineering, Inc.
  • Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
  • Foundry Commercial
  • Zio