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Corporate Office
Orlando, FL

Intelity is composed of three independent groups of staff—executives, developers, and sales—each with specific needs for optimizing their performance.

The executives required acoustic separation, as well as privacy for individualized interaction with staff and consultants. With these requests in mind, the executives are aligned in a linear bar banked to the interior of the space behind a veil. The veil, or wall, was constructed of 100 year old reclaimed barn wood harvested from the neighboring city of Mount Dora. Situated in the wood wall, the paired glass doors allow natural light to flow into the executive team. Eliminating the typical space plan ideology, “executives get the windows,” allowed the sales staff to float adjacent to the exterior windows in an open office space washed with natural light.

The sales staff required proximity to natural light and less ambient noise for on-phone consulting. To address these needs, we situated acoustic clouds above the sales staff and acoustic panels were integrated into their systems furniture. The idea that sales is the company’s force of social interaction influenced their placement within the plan as well. They are collected in a wedge that houses the small conference room, café/lounge, and the large conference room—all spaces of engagement and client/staff interaction.

The developers had similar requirements to the sales team, but they also requested a space with complete flexibility for teaming and fostering their collaborative process. To accomplish this, we placed the developers beyond the interactive wedge, through a porthole, that allows them to function separately from the other two groups, as intended. We intentionally selected furniture that improves flexibility and collaboration in their space. For example, the small rectangular tables are easily moved into any configuration needed to complete their daily tasks.

The space was conceptually imagined as an urban loft infused with technology. The material palette was developed to enhance and embrace the differences between these two concepts while allowing them to coexist harmoniously. The flooring is raw stained and polished concrete, which was intended to act as a quiet backdrop, reinforcing spatial separations while reflecting the natural light and richness of the materials. The 100 year old reclaimed wood wall is a warm, welcoming element for visitors and clients. The color palette was selected directly from the Intelity logo, consisting of vivid complementary colors.

“This space was designed specifically for Intelity, biased by the branding vision of the company and how we perceive ourselves. Intelity lives within the walls of this space. The architecture reinforces who we are and how we operate. Intelity belongs to this space as much as this space belongs to Intelity.”
- David Adelson, CEO/Owner of Intelity

Translating Office Culture Into a Brand Identity


Project Partners

  • Heery Design
  • NuDesign Construction