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Ravago Americas
Corporate Office
Maitland, FL

Walker Design assists Ravago Americas with a new vision for their office expansion to the sixth floor of Tower Place in Maitland, Florida. Catered to the relocating departments, I.T. and Logistics, the primary objective of Ravago Americas new workplace vision was to promote collaboration and provide flexibility within each department. Having previously worked with Walker Design on their expansion to level seven in 2017, Ravago was confident in bringing the Walker Design team onboard to execute this new initiative.
The spatial arrangement was critical in delivering a flexible and collaborative workspace. The office suite was separated into three distinct functional zones. The amenity space is central, with I.T and Logistics departments flanking each side. The gracious amenity zone is located just beyond the branded entryway and incorporates a café and informal lounge area. A large community table anchors the space and provides a welcoming place for teams to congregate during company events. Staff can utilize the countertop seating along the windows as an alternate work location. Integrated power and a view to the outdoors make the café a flexible environment for work and community.
On each side of the café are large open office areas adjacent to natural light. Flexibility was achieved here with an array of power at the floor coupled with an individualized furniture solution. Each height adjustable desk is on castors and can be easily rearranged by its user. Project teams can quickly reorganize to best suit the work task. Private meeting rooms are located toward the interior, designed with side entrances, in order to maximize writable surface area on the open office side. Bold colors designate the collaboration zones, encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
The overall finish palette remained consistent with the previous renovations performed by Walker Design. The introduction of tertiary colors, purple and teal, gives level 6 a unique flare to the typical Ravago standard while remaining recognizable. The design aesthetic of the workplace assists the functional requirements of the office and is intended to inspire employees, cultivate creativity, and harvest innovation.

Re-Visioning Workplace Culture

Ravago Americas

Project Partners

  • Gettysburg Commercial Corporation
  • Peninsula Engineering
  • ZIO
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