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Archis Technologies
Corporate Headquarters
Winter Garden, FL

Archis Technologies located in Winter Garden, FL, is an emerging company based in the technology industry. Much akin to the tech industry leaders, the desire was to create a space that proved to be cost-effective, functional, branded and staff-centric. These design goals were fulfilled using typically found and sourced materials in specific locations juxtaposed by raw and unfinished adjacent surfaces: creating a bold graphic aesthetic that exemplifies the Archis Technologies brand.

Distinctive features were created within the space by using common materials in uncommon ways. Patterning, texture, transparency, and reflectivity are devices used throughout the space to create a fluid, holistic, and open aesthetic. Utilizing this kit of design tools, an organic, parasitic floor and wall pattern was created that generated spots of movement allowing a rigid plan to be perceived as dynamic. The main steel structures were painted in bright green to enhance the industrial and raw features within the space. The use of hexagon shaped carpet tiles allowed the pattern motif to be reinforced within the space, by using a neutral grey as our base color and bright blues to enhance the work and gathering areas.

The space was executed to perfection proving to be a valuable asset to the tech group when considering future growth, acquiring new talent, and retainage of the highly trained and valuable staff.

Tech-centered Design for a Tech-centered Team

Archis Technologies