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Crystal Geyser
Industrial / Distribution
Orlando, FL

Walker Design revives a 40 year old, 100,000 sf abandoned structure while designing Crystal Geyser’s first Florida based water filtration, bottling and distribution facility. Crystal Geyser is well known for their manufacturing process in the spring water market and their slogan, ‘bottled at the source’.
With much anticipation Orlando has become home to Crystal Geyser’s first purified water facility in the United States. The project consisted of a complete gut and rebuild of the 100,000 SF facility including the exterior shell. The facility was required to meet FDA and DOH standards in all aspects of food production and distribution. The cleanability, selection of finishes, accessibility, control of air quality and general environment are all aspects of the project that are necessary to accommodate the governing requirements.

Additional facilities are scheduled to be constructed over the next several years while Crystal Geyser becomes a primary supplier of filtered water nationwide. In addition to the Orlando renovation for Crystal Geyser, Walker Design has completed an additional 140,000 SF ground-up water filtration, bottling and distribution facility in Pasadena TX. The Texas project was turned over to the owners in August 2016 solidifying a partnership between Walker Design and Crystal Geyser for new facilities moving forward.

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Crystal Geyser

Project Partners

  • Ingenuity Engineers
  • RLH Construction
  • Boheme Group