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Holiday Retirement
Corporate Headquarters
Orlando Florida

Holiday Retirements’ need for change began with their relocation from Oswego, Oregon to Winter Park, Florida. Making this move required the mindset for innovation, change and adaptability. The necessity to incorporate these concepts as well as the company’s core values became a primary design driver when crafting a space that is representative of this new path being forged.

The overall goal was to transform the paradigm of the work environment for a company providing independent senior living. Already setting the bar in the independent senior living sector, Holiday Retirement emphasized the desire for setting the bar in workplace culture. Eager to retain young talented staff and redefine their corporate headquarters Walker Design encouraged leadership to engage employees and understand their expectations for the redefined workplace. Rapid dissemination of information, ease of resource access, stimulating environment, diversity, community, amenity spaces, and flexibility were a common response. As a result of these findings, stimulating and thought-provoking concepts are implemented into the plan to promote conversation and innovation throughout the new workplace. The use of pattern, texture, shape, form and color are implemented to create a dynamic and unique space indicative of the path being forged by Holiday Retirement.

Establishing a new paradigm

Holiday Retirement