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Corporate Headquarters
Orlando Florida

Radixx, a company dedicated to providing travelers a quality airline experience enlists Walker Design to assist them with designing a quality workplace experience for their employees.

The Radixx company culture, is one of collaboration, fluid dissemination of information with little emphasis on individual hierarchy. The primary design objectives for the new corporate headquarters were to create a space that reinforced the personality of Radixx as a company, while accommodating the demand of a rapidly growing team. The programmed quantity of workstations required a design solution that would reduce noise transmission and limit view corridors to reduce the perceived office density.

Walker Design extracted design ques from the “aerodynamic” aspects of an aircraft and implemented these ideas into the circulation paths and constructed elements within the space. Utilization of curved walls reminiscent of aircraft design and purposeful traffic patterns defined with different textures are intended to reinforce the fluidity of circulation within the space. To limit noise transmission the plan was divided by physical programmatic elements into 4 distinct zones that reinforce departmental requirements and the public interface. The referenced constructed elements are shared support spaces situated for staff convenience and to accommodate the interface between Radixx and its strategic partners.

A centralized stage equipped with the latest technology provides a convenient location for gathering, collaboration, and team building. This area along with staff support spaces such as huddle rooms, conferencing spaces, café and lounge allow for constant collaboration, team building, spontaneous think sessions or to be inspired by others.

The workplace culture being fostered by Radixx is forward thinking, proactive, and an indicator of future collaborative office environments. The new office reinforces the desire to facilitate creativity and signifies a company’s commitment to their staff’s productivity and workplace experience.

Providing a Quality Workplace Experience


Project Partners

  • Wilson & Girginti Engineers
  • Hanson Construction
  • Jones Lang LaSalle