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TLC Pediatric Therapies
Corporate Headquarters / Health Care
Windermere Florida

Walker Design works with TLC Pediatric Therapies to reimagine the paradigm for pediatric care.

“Creative, professional and contemporary… not cliché” was the design intent when considering the aesthetic for the new TLC Pediatric Therapies facility in Windermere Florida. The facility caters to the wellness of children; however, the space was required to equally consider the highly trained professionals occupying the workplace Monday - Friday.

The programmatic and aesthetic requirements were stratified into (3) zones including first impression, patient interaction and staff centric spaces. The design aesthetic is consistent throughout while subtle design cues allow the user to be stimulated in the manner intended. Where children are sitting and waiting the aesthetic is playful and engaging, where children are involved with a therapist the environment is less distracting to allow for focused treatment and within the staff support areas a refined and professional aesthetic was desired. To accomplish these subtle aesthetic shifts diversity in materiality, texture, reflectivity, transparency, lighting, and acoustics all play a part of this sensory experience while allowing the design of the space to become fully integrated into the treatment regimen for the patients. The result of this paradigm shift in pediatric care has proven to be well accepted by children, their family’s and the TLC Pediatric Therapies staff.

Creative and Contemporary… Not Cliché

TLC Pediatric Therapies

Project Partners

  • Taurus Construction
  • Landreth Lighting
  • PBM Specialties
  • Common Sense Furniture