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Chiquita Brands International
Corporate Office & Manufacturing Facility
Dania Beach, FL

The aim of this project was to insert into an existing architecture a new part. This was both, an extension of the architectural programmatic elements introduced by the client and a way to develop an interior architecture of iconographic effectiveness. The outcome of these synergistic design drivers exemplifies the organization’s brand values while the spatial configuration benchmarks an operational culture shift that promotes creativity, collaboration, and transparency.
The 15,000 SF workspace is composed of five key components:
- Visitor Interface
- Open Office area
- Collaboration Areas with fully integrated technology
- Informal Break Out Spaces
- Café / Lounge
The utilization of concepts including flexibility, visual connectivity, and simplicity as design drivers are evident within the spatial organization and reinforced by materiality. The natural walnut sculpted armature greets the visitors in the reception area and follows the central spine, embracing the public interface components. This architectural device delivers an inviting richness and warmth to these programmatic elements that are essential to the operational culture of the new headquarters. The armature includes glass infill walls that allow visual permeability to promote connectivity and facilitate the filtration of natural light throughout the space. Surrounding the collaboration spaces are the open office areas with direct access to staff amenities and conferencing / teaming areas.

The material palette exemplifies brand identity and is organized to serve as sensory divisions between public, semi-private and private programmatic functions. The finishes represent a professional corporate office while the feature elements attract staff and visitors to engage in spontaneous conversation and collaboration as established by ownership as a primary functional goal.

Designing for International Brands

Chiquita Brands International

Project Partners

  • Inginuity Engineers
  • HIIT Construction