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Ravago Americas
Corporate Office
Maitland, FL

This interior architecture project was a phased corporate office expansion. The scope of work included a full floor renovation of a 15-story office tower in the City of Maitland, Florida. At project inception, the client occupied levels 8 and 9 with the intent to expand to level 7. The primary objective of the project was to bring unity to the three levels, de-emphasizing the physical stratification of the office while enriching its sense of community. A feature staircase was designed to provide both a physical and symbolic connection between floors.

The architecture is restrained and deliberate. Stone tile flooring delineates public zones from private work areas.The movement of the stone veining complements the pronounced grain of the wood veneer. Both materials add a natural warmth and are used as unifying elements throughout the design. The simplicity of stark white surfaces and frameless glass walls are subdued and enhance the surrounding forms and materials.

Staff wellness was a catalyst for many of the design decisions. Proximity to natural light drove the planning strategy. Each open office area is adjacent to large expanses of exterior glazing. Private offices with frameless glass perimeters line the outside corners of the building. This allows daylight to penetrate deep into the core of the office. Other staff-centered elements include a private mother’s room, vibrant artwork, and sit-to-stand desks and cafés on each level for teams to gather and share. This office design exemplifies the trend toward staff-centric workplaces.

Accentuating Vertical Connectivity

Ravago Americas

Project Partners

  • Peninsula Engineering Inc.
  • MK Structural Engineering
  • Gettysburg Commercial Corporation
  • Foundry Commercial
  • Workscapes, Inc.
  • Zio