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Relevant Media Group
Corporate Office
Orlando, FL

The Relevant Media Group new commercial office was conceived of as a museum quality space, bright, white, and flooded with natural light. This concept was intentional and proposed for two reasons. As a media company, Relevant required the office provide a clean backdrop; allowing their monthly publication to provide the visual interest within the office. Secondly, was to allow the natural raw wood and steel elements to provide a more interesting contrast to the austere surroundings.

The new Relevant Headquarters has two functions: administrative office function in the front and working audio and visual studios in the back of the space. The distinct functional requirements of each space became a natural division, as the existing shell defined where this shift from office to studio function should happen. The ceiling elevation reduces from 24’ to 12’ above finish floor as you move to deeper into the space, which served as the perfect division between the two functions. The office area required the volume and natural light for a staff centric environment, and the studio spaces needed to be controlled precisely from a lighting and acoustic standpoint. The office area is functional and open; however, through the subtle nuances of the space plan, furnishings, and décor, spatial separations were created to provide informal collaboration, formal meeting and work spaces. These spatial separations are further reinforced with lighting, furnishings, and textiles that prompt the user in the intended use of the space. The studios are nested under the lower ceilings, protected from natural light and acoustic reverberation. These studios are purposely light and acoustically treated to provide the best environment for the activities taking place within.

The raw, unfinished steel mezzanine within the office serves multiple functions: it acts as a device within the space providing a sense of human scale in the 24’ high volume of the open office area, as well as providing some sense of vertical privacy for the six man conference room that is nested underneath. Additionally, it serves as much needed bulk storage for the media group on top of the structure, accessed by an artisan made wooden ladder.

As an ‘OBJ Coolest Office Space 2018’ contender I will make one additional point: this company has their own Spotify channel, ‘Relevant Office Vibes’, that pipes some of the best contemporary music throughout the office during work hours. I will also concede that since finding this out we have been playing their Spotify channel in our office as well.

A Space for Staying Relevant

Relevant Media Group

Project Partners

  • Peninsula Engineering, Inc.
  • Foundry Commercial