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The design objective of this project was to create an office space that functioned specifically for its end user, while maintaining an aesthetic that reflected the company’s design philosophy and style. The design intent was executed through the utilization of space allocation, materiality and architectural elements, all which were thoughtfully interpreted with purpose. The end result translates the clients’ design objectives into an effective and efficient environment that allows the brand to grow and flourish.

The 2,100 SF workspace is composed of three major components:
- Public Interface
- Public / Private Engagement
- Private Workspace

Architectural features are implemented throughout the office to define spatial boundaries and create identification. A feature wood wall and ceiling condition that slips out of the confines of the office into the public lobby, reinforces the connection between wall and ceiling planes while engaging both the environment and users. Integrated lighting and branding opportunities demonstrate that design is in the details, reinforcing a design pedagogy that is present within this company. Glass partitions are utilized for the properties of translucency and elegance to join space together. While the physical space is divided visual connections allow, ceiling and floor conditions continue fluidly throughout the space to connect the zones subtly.

Similar to the zonal delineation created by the stratification of space, materiality evolves progressively through the zonal diagram to reinforce the intended use of each zone. The public interface is refined and polished with delicate contrast in flooring and paint finish. A mixture of cool and warm neutrals are utilized to create a warm yet sophisticated palette. The public / private engagement area uses a diverse texture and pattern selection to give identity and directionality. Natural light floods the space most prominently used during client interface which allows the space to be more open and inviting.
The private work space promotes collaboration and independent work by utilizing custom casework, natural light and acoustic privacy from the rest of the office. Selective pops of color give the project personality, reflective of the company and a recognizable status with in the building. The deliberate use of color in the private work area cultivates creativity making this area both aesthetically rich and functional.

Facilitating Creativity in the Workplace

Walker Design

Project Partners

  • RLH Construction
  • Ingenuity Engineers
  • Titan Electric
  • Structured Media Group
  • Landreth Lighting
  • Patcraft Flooring
  • Trinity Tile
  • Koroseal
  • PBM Specialties
  • Capital Office Furniture