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Consolidated / Online Labels
Corporate Office & Manufacturing Facility
Sanford, FL

The goal of the project was to transform a 1970’s military manufacturing warehouse into an iconic corporate headquarters for Consolidated Label. From the 167,000 SF structure, 45,000 SF was captured and rehabilitated into a corporate headquarters for the new owners. The remaining space received an aesthetic update to infuse life into the forgotten building.

The project requirements were explicit: create an appropriate and memorable first impression for clients and provide a functional and efficient plan that considers staff productivity.

Addressing the owners request, we created a clean and simplified vertical entry lobby, clad in quarry cut Brazilian limestone, metal panel, and glass curtain wall. The juxtaposition of these timeless materials, superimposed on the existing concrete facade, clearly delineates the entrance. Upon entry, the visitor is greeted by natural light and surrounded by warm gradient tones of natural stone. The spatial volume, natural light, and material palette allow the entry lobby to act as a showroom, introducing visitors to the corporate brand and their various products. Ultimately, these design elements created an appropriate and memorable first impression.

To ensure the plan would be functional and efficient, we set up a task force of end users to assist with the design and planning process. By discussing the inefficiencies of their current work environment, we learned how to design a space that would increase their productivity.
The owner also wanted the work space to focus on his employees. To demonstrate they are the most valuable part of the operation, we incorporated staff amenities into the floor plan—relaxation rooms, fitness centers, and entertainment spaces.

This teaming process proved to be an overwhelming success. In November, 2013, the new building was occupied by the owner, and in the following month, they had their highest grossing month in the 26 year history of the company.

Creating a Sense of Place and Arrival

Consolidated / Online Labels

Project Partners

  • Heery Design
  • Balfour Beatty Construction