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Deeply Coffee
Coffee Shop
Orlando Florida

The design effort for Deeply Coffee started with an introduction to a new owner, a new brand and a new location in downtown Orlando at the base of the Aspire building. The abundance of natural light and the beauty of raw concrete within the first-generation shell space assisted in establishing the aesthetic goals for the renovation. The design directive was to keep the integrity of the existing raw space while utilizing the Deeply Coffee stylish and carefree brand to infuse a contemporary aesthetic into the new space. White oak accents act in contrast to the exposed industrial concrete, creating harmony within the two different expressions. In an effort to create a new refined identity for a coffee shop, a minimalistic aesthetic was implemented throughout. Color palette, materials and texture were kept to a minimum to let the product speak for itself. The centerpiece of the space is a poured in place concrete counter and bar that was designed to emphasize the raw nature of the space while housing the latest and most exclusive equipment in the coffee shop industry.
This 1100 SF ground floor space makes an impact from the street side as well, extending the Deeply Coffee brand presence past the interior confines. With clean simple exterior branding and an abundance of windows on East and South facades pedestrians can peak inside to get a glimpse of the contemporary coffeehouse. The friendly nature of custom built furniture, flexible seating and natural light brings people together in an otherwise minimalistic space. Though the shop may be small in size, their presence and brand make a statement on the fabric of downtown Orlando giving the community a place to come together.

Infusing a Contemporary Aesthetic

Deeply Coffee